Built Environment magazine (bE) features policies, products, services in the Irish market. Written by professionals for professionals, bE centers on ideas, practicality, sustainability of implementation.


Innovative and proven solutions that promote energy efficient and environmentally sound technologies in Ireland, legal and financial models, public and private sectors initiatives, project case studies - these and other topics provide bE readers with a valuable selection of the best built environment practice across the island of Ireland and beyond.


Projects featured in bE include a selection of ongoing, planned and recent projects where methodologies, systems and equipment used are presented in a context including the technical and economic trends and the clients' feedback.


​With participation of the leading professionals, in-house professional expertise and dedication, bE provides the relevant information and references to the readership which makes it easier to plan, design, and execute projects.


​Efficient and cost-effective service to advertisers makes bE the publication of choice for an ever-growing number of prominent and innovative companies and organisations.


Together, we can make the difference no matter how challenging the times are - and so we do.


We look forward to hearing from you about your projects!

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